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Leadership and Coaching in Life-Science

Leadership and Coaching



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Leadership and Coaching

What you can expect

Do you want to become a perfect leader with all the fundamentals for life in one day? Then I'm not the person to go to.

 Do you work in life science (research (pharma or academics)) and understand that learning and change is a process? Psychology, personality and communication are an integral part of leadership. In order to avoid risks and side effects, I have prepared the right dosage of all active components for you. I am here to guide you in such a way that you can lead confidently and successfully even later without me.

Would you like to get to know me before you make any commitment? Just make a free appointment for 20 minutes orientation coaching  here

Leadership and Coaching

What's on your mind?

  • Would you like to acquire basic knowledge about leadership or, as an experienced supervisor, further expand your knowledge?
  • Do misunderstandings or conflicts make life difficult for you?
  • Do you seek to improve your understanding and `reading´ of other humans and yourself?

Leadership and communication

How can I help you?

Get expertise, experience and positive energy! Together we will find the best method of cooperation, tailored to you and your team!

Check out the `BossDoc´ system for scientists (lab heads, principal investigators, postdocs). As everyone is different, I always like to `diagnose´ your needs first. Let us schedule a free orientation call. Choose a time that suits you.

I´m based in Switzerland, but offer a full-service package in any European country. Other countries on request. A special focus lies on the scientific, veterinary, medical and pharmaceutical environment. I offer a specific program for Postdocs, as important future leaders.

Lightwings Preussing

Lightwings Preussing

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