About Me

My name is Ellen Preussing

I am a coach and consultant with medical-scientific background by heart and love to help life-scientists and veterinarians to reach their potential as leaders and communicators.

I like straight forward and pragmatic training approaches, as they enable participants to quickly understand and apply new thinking methods.

For many years, I've worked as a group and senior team leader, heading a large, heterogeneous team at Novartis, a global international pharma company in Switzerland, worked in academic environment and clinic. Already during my time as director at Novartis, I was engaged as a mentor and coach.

I've gained my degree in veterinary medicine at Hanover Veterinary School in 2000 and continued my own personal development with a focus on: general psychology (University &VH Basel/CH), industrial psychology (FH Hamburg/D), drug development (ECPM), coaching (CSF), executive leadership trainings (e.g. Harvard, Oliver Whyman Group) and teaching (IH London & SGD), and still continue to learn.

I'm convinced that education, mine or your personal development have no limits nor ending!

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