Coaching for Scientists

Coaching and Consulting

Does everybody expect you to be perfect, adapt to changes, solve any problem within no time? GET A SPARRING PARTNER!

Due to a more global, connected and diverse working environment, leadership and communication skills also have to change. More and more gaps in leadership are to be expected.

Coaching is a creative process, in which the client (=Coachee) is supported to develop her/his optimal potential.

The applied methods are based, amongst others, on techniques after Steve de Shazer (solution- and resource oriented) as well as from the classical and topic concentrated coaching. You will be supported by selected NLP-techniques and limbic, emotional assisted systems. Consequently every client is coached based on the individual needs.


If you would like to learn more, there is the possibility of a 20-minute orientation call via Zoom. Do not hesitate to find good solutions for you. Contact me without any obligation HERE.

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