Leadership Stress elearning Time

No time for another training?

  • Is your professional life very hectic?
  • Are you facing back to back meetings?
  • Do your employees simply have to function so that no more work is generated or remains undone?
  • You really do not know how you should take time off for a further education with arrival, overnight stay etc.?

Then elearning might be the right concepts for you.

What do I get?

A selection of the online-learning tools, provided to you:

  • Related videos
  • Webinars
  • Accompanying, classic documents
  • Personal video conferencing
  • Worksheets
  • Self-checking tasks
  • Constant support by a professional
  • Life-Video coaching, e.g. if you have a specific case in your work environment
  • etc.

Since e-learning can be used as an asynchronous learning tool, you can read, learn and edit the learning sections at any day or night time, depending on your taste. All your questions to your trainer will be answered via Email, in a live coaching session, in one of the live Q&A sessions or in the community group.

ELearning Leadership for Scientists


The key elements are provided in "appetizing, easily digestible titbits", to encourage change in behavior and to directly apply the learned methodology. Every chapter provides many practical examples and ends with exercises, to allow the participants to put theory into practice. The material is presented as a video, supplemented with a workbook, checklists, and worksheets. Moreover, the group and individual feedback and coaching sessions provide the participants with a safety net, as everything might appear completely plausible at first, but emerge as a challenge when applied in real-life situations. Indulge your leaders with a practice focused workshop at your facility, to work intensively on real-life examples. As a bonus, it provides the participants with a good chance to experience important networking opportunities and learn about the benefits of peer coaching. Besides, this opportunity can be advantageous in helping you to work towards your organization’s values.

As a result, the BossDoc program provides the participants with a comprehensive toolbox, filled with techniques to managing themselves and others' sovereignty.

Building on this, the participants should begin to recognize their effect on others and act consciously in their everyday life.

Knowing themselves and self-observance helps the participants to self-adjust rather than passively passing the opportunity to become a significantly better leader.

Overview on Modules

Bossdoc Modules Leadership for scientist

Bossdoc Modules Leadership for scientist

Now, let’s imagine that we’re gazing into a crystal ball:

An image appears. It shows that you’re very happy with how the BossDoc Program helped your leaders to improve. Good news, as you can extend to receive support for a full year. Here’s a sneak preview on the additional topics: team roles, cultural difference, coaching as a supervisor, delegation and negotiation. Do you prefer to have a customized package for your organization's needs? Would you like to create an environment for your values and mission? If so, or you have any questions, please send me an email.

Not sure about your needs? Open questions? Do not hesitate to contact me!


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