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    WELCOME to the LightWings Future Leaders Community

    I’m Ellen, the founder of LightWings Preussing. As an instructor, consultant, coach and mentor, I help ambitious scientist like you to successfully master your tasks as a superior. This involves practical applications of leadership techniques, theories that are helpful in practice, as well as psychology and communication.

    Before you engage in the group, there are still some rules that I want to give you on the way. Please read this post in advance!

    In the Community for future leaders who work in scientific environment, especially PostDocs, PHDs and new team leaders will share their experiences and support each other.
    Here you will find fellow comrades who are on their way to becoming good leaders. All LightWings-Future Leaders want to progress step by step with their leadership skills. We talk about things that keep us busy and moving in our work every day. These are topics that unfortunately often cannot be understood by outsiders. That is why the exchange among like-minded people is so important to us.

    LightWings-Future Leaders are …

    ✦ appreciative and like to connect without any competition thoughts with like-minded colleagues.
    ✦ courageous and ambitious, that they want to make a difference in the world of work.
    ✦ helpful, empower the others and assist in difficult situations.

    It’s exactly this mix of support, mutual motivation, and concrete help from great people you’ll find in the LightWings Future Leaders Community.
    If all this suits you and you feel addressed, then this group is just right for you.

    I will regularly provide input, challenges, questions and relevant content. I also offer webinars, workshops and Facebook live sessions with leadership topics.

    More about me you can find on:

    Set the group notifications and become part of us! We look forward to you!

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