How to achieve more with your team

It is the beginning of the year again and therefore the main season for target or annual meetings. 

Do you also know that 2-3 times a year, employees and superiors meet for institutional target discussions? Company goals come up on the agenda and the employee's own ideas are usually asked for. But despite all the changes and the famous 'change management' in the modern working environment, is it still sensible and feasible to set goals over a period of twelve months?

Feedback is important and good. Mostly it is also desired by employees and gives a fair chance to improve as quickly as possible or to make the opinion heard.


Most employees would like to have discussions with the boss more often and on more specific topics, preferably before the start of a project or directly after a certain task has been completed. Ideally, smaller target agreements and conscious feedback can also be incorporated into regular meetings. Small, timely goals are easier to achieve and also easier to assess with regard to upcoming changes.

As a conclusion, it can be said that the annual meetings no longer fit into the modern working world.  

What is the alternative?

Be proactive and plan regular meetings, preferably entered directly in the calendar. Ideal are 2-4 meetings per month. For new tasks also weekly for the time being.

Interview Communication


In addition, approach your employees more regularly. Show interest, work closer together and you will see that the results will also be better. And your employees will also feel taken seriously. Try it out and see how positive the results will be for yourself.

And in the second step you should consider who the feedback is effectively directed at. Is it really just one individual or is it the whole or part of the team?

Often it makes more sense to direct the goals directly to the team. By doing so, you avoid overlapping or contradictions. Give your team more freedom for their own design, team-internal arrangements and personal responsibility. You should be able to support your employees by coaching them so that they are really ready to take over this responsibility directly or step by step and to stick to the agreed goals even without written agreements.

Do you still have questions? I will gladly help you.

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