Plussing or brainstorming


Plussing is a method to improve the idea generation process through feedback. Whether it's finishing a project, coming to a conclusion in a meeting, or creating a presentation, the Plussing method demands that any criticism is accompanied by a plus, i.e. a better idea.

Interestingly, this method is quite old: Walt Disney, as the inventor of this method, taught his employees how to use it effectively to help everyone improve their creative performance.

Plussing is a way to explore possibilities that could possibly improve things. According to Walt Disney this method has done a much better job than pure brainstorming, where any criticism is forbidden. The pluses helped creativity and brainstorming much better, because of the immediate feedback.

Why Plussing improves your brainstorming

Constructive criticism and further suggestions during the brainstorming process will have a positive effect on the results.

Why is it so effective?

1. Open and objective criticism is an important part of the idea generation process, which increases the performance of your individual employees and thus the synergy of the entire team. Important rule: Every comment build on an idea or statement and improves it.

2. The fear of expressing criticism is taken away because in the case of plussing, it is constructive criticism, whereas in the case of classic brainstorming, employees simply throw terms into the room without thinking about them further at the moment. These ideas then remain uncommented in the room, the same ideas are mentioned several times, or old ideas that have already been discarded earlier are warmed up again.

3. Employees learn critical faculties. If the clear expression of constructive criticism has been agreed upon as a rule of the game and it is clear to all participants that this will help the team to move forward, criticism is not taken personally. Criticism is perceived as positive. This can often mean a cultural change in the company.

Benefits of Plussing

"He who criticizes me is my friend." This statement is often not yet accepted. Plussing can help to bring about a rethinking in your team.

CONCLUSION: Constructive criticism is not an attack, but shows the way to a better future.

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