Goals, why would I need them and how can I reach them?

Do you know anyone who sets new goals every year at New Year's Eve? Perhaps you might have already done so as well? It is often treated as a tradition.

But why do we actually do this? Why do we want to make more sport, to stop smoking or to get rid of the annoying extra kilos, especially at the beginning of the new year?

Perhaps we think of it as a moment of a new beginning, which makes us think about what we really want to change and what to achieve? But do you have to wait for New Year's Eve? &nbsp

And after all, it would certainly be interesting to know how many of the good New Year's plans will survive January, or will be even implemented long-term? What’s your guess?


I would like to help you to make your wishes come true, by forming goals, which are successfully implemented.  Let's start with the first part today.



  • As a first and most important step you should have a vision!
  • Only if you know what you want, you can think about how you get there. This is actually the most beautiful part, because you can dream of what your ideal life looks like. If this is difficult for you, imagine how you wake up in the morning and all your wishes have come true. How does your day look like?
  • Do also pay attention to the details and use all your senses. Does it smell e.g. like coffee, when the man or woman of your dreams is serving you fresh coffee in bed? Or does the sun always shine and warms up your skin on the way to work in the convertible?


Take 15 minutes and write down these visions. We will work with this list later.

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  1. Der Artikel hat mir sehr gefallen. Die Inhalte werde ich für mein Beruf ohne weiteres einsetzten können.

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