Workshops around leadership and communication

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Become a better leader, make it feel easy

In the leadership workshops we focus on a good balance of theory and practice, touching subjects like

  • self reflection (basic for a leader)
  • psychological communication
  • social psychology
  • goal-setting
  • delegation techniques and
  • performance review.

In numerous exercises the theory is applied to facilitate efficient learning and transfer them into the real life.



In communication workshops communication-models such as those from

  • Schulz von Thun (e.g. 4-ear model)
  • Rogers
  • Shannon and Weaver are reviewed.

Additionally methodologies as e.g. the

  • I-statement
  • active listening
  • questioning techniques
  • non-verbal-communication
  • body language

are imparted to enhance efficient and successful communication. This serves the prevention of misunderstanding and possible conflicts.

If you do understand spanish you might want to watch this talk about conflict management?


Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships. - Michael Jordan


Teambuilding and -facilitation helps new and existing teams to learn about the benefits to work with each other, learning about, appreciate and using each other´s strengths.

All workshops are individually adjusted according to the history and future needs of the team.

Learn to prevent and resolve conflicts. The knowledge about handling conflicts can be applied in every day’s life. Communication skills: active listening and listening without interrupting, demonstrating the understanding of the issue, point of view (own and other), explain your feelings, implementing an action plan to resolve the problem.

Workshops are adjusted to get prepared in terms of communication as well as addressing and mediating existing conflicts.

Body Language

Body language can be regarded as the foundation of any successful relationship, be it personal or professional. Our nonverbal communication, including facial expressions, gestures, eye contact, posture, and tone of voice are speaking always and in a loud voice. Awareness about Nonverbal communication can also give you an edge when you are in a meeting or negotiating.

Throughout the workshop you will explore the use of body language, learn how to read key signs from the person you are dealing with, using group exercises, and role play and group discussion.

Learn how you can use body language to achieve better results in daily life.

Every programme can be ordered for in-house delivery.

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